Thursday, 24 January 2013

New jammies for the little one

Little Bug appears to be growing at the same rate her elder sister did and we are finding ourselves with a severe lack of PJ's and leggings for her. I know that the shelf life of leggings rarely makes it past their first owner so it is hardly surprising that we didn't keep many from the first time around.

Now I feel I have got to grips with knit fabrics I feel confident enough to have a go at a couple of patterns I avoided before. This top and leggings combo are from Growing Up So Liberated. I keep forgetting that I own it and I really shouldn't as it is a gem of a book.

The top is the Crossover Tee (Pg 25) and the Sleeping Johns (Pg 118). I made a couple of alterations from the patterns but nothing major. They are both really good patterns and the cut is great.

The top is unisex and can be altered to suit with either long or short sleeves. There is also a guide to making it look more girly by puffing the sleeves and hem out a bit. I chose to go with the straightforward non-puffy short sleeves and I can see how with the right fabrics, this would look great for a boy.

The crossover neckline is secured by edgestitching from the overlapping side seam, across the body, over the shoulder and right round to the point where it crosses at the front again. So the top doesn't flap open and is easy to get on and off.

The sleeves and bottom hem are bias bound. I modified the method slightly here as it called for the bias trims to be finished together with the seam and I didn't like the look of the raw edges on the inside of the sleeve. So I chose to create a loop with the binding and add it on at the end instead. I thought the inner seam under the arm pit could have the potential to be a bit tickly.

The leggings were made as normal but I added a small piece of elastic to the outer side seam (a la Sunki leggings) and I like how it ruches up. Probably completely unnecessary on sleepwear but hey, I felt like playing around a bit!

Both pieces are a size 2T and the top is lovely and roomy. Bug is only 21 months so she still has plenty of growing room.

Daddy lending a steadying hand

This little girl moves at the speed of light and is incredibly difficult to photograph. Nearly all of my shots were blurred so sorry about having to use the flash on the above shots but it was that or nothing. If anyone has any photography tips on how to capture wriggly children I would appreciate the help. She is so fast!

Ready for bed. Wrong bed, but she never lets that bother her!


  1. Perfect for bedtime! Can you bribe her with a sweet? ;) I am mean and put the twins up on their toy box where they can't climb down, ha!

    1. I might try that! She likes bubbles so will see if I can get someone to distract her enough for me to take a photo.

  2. Love the jammies - no tips on photos of quick kids - although she must be nearly at the age where they start posing for the camera!

  3. I love the way these turned out! Would you mind sharing where you got the fabric from?


    1. Thank you. She is still wearing the top now, with plenty of growing room. It is a good sized pattern. The fabric was a bit of a mystery one I am afraid, no details on the selvedge.


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