Friday, 8 March 2013

Oliver + S Style: Alice in Wonderland Dress

World Book Day has arrived! We were forewarned about the children dressing up in the pre-half term newsletter, but as usual I started my preparations very last minute. We had a sock puppet to make over half term that was to be based on a storybook character. We made the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Here it is still in construction. I never did get a photo of it finished but am going into school today for a Sock Puppet Exhibit so will take my camera. We added buckteeth and a pink bow at the end.

So the for the dress I used the Puppet Show Dress from Oliver + S. The Disney Alice has a peter pan collar on her dress so I knew it would be a good match. If I owned the Playdate dress pattern I would have been sorely tempted to use that. Either dress has the right vibe.

The fabric came from two pillowcases I had at home. I was sitting on the edge of my bed wondering whether I would need to go out and buy fabric when my eyes drifted to my bedsheets. Hmmm.... some things just have to be sacrificed for the greater good. And I have spares so its fine.

The apron was self drafted. I really wanted to do a full smock style with flutter sleeves but to be honest it was getting late and I was running out of puff. So I just made up a simple gathered waist apron. The petticoat is a single layer skirt made the simple elasticated tube way. I had to quickly put it under the sewing machine again in the morning because it was a bit too long for the dress. (this is what happens when your model is in bed and unable to have a fitting).

Add Mary Janes and some white knee socks and the dress is transformed! Oh and the black bow of course.....

For the bow I found this tutorial on pinterest. It was very quick to do. I had quite flimsy fabric so had to interface it to give it some body. I used a medium weight iron on interfacing. It is a shame you can see the white of it at the edges. Can you get dark interfacing? Never had to think about it before. Anyway, the most important thing is that Boo loved it. I had dressed 'Gerty' the mannequin in her room before bedtime but still had the headband to do. So I snuck it in later on and she bounded into our room at 6:30am full of joy at the (and I quote) "fabulous bow"!

It was an absolute joy to see so many different costumes this morning in the school playground. We saw Sully from Monsters Inc, Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Snow White, Charlie from Charlie and Lola, and my favourite one was the boy dressed as Jack Sparrow. He looked amazing, and so so happy. The teacher was dressed as the witch from Room on the Broom. 

Never have children been so happy to go into school! I hope you have all had as much fun with your outfits if your school took part. I am looking forward to seeing how Alice has made it through the day.


  1. This is perfect! How lucky to have the perfect shade of pillow cases;) I bet it is so soft and comfy because of them too.

    1. Yes very lucky! I can't remember but I think they are Egyptian cotton which would explain why they are so soft. I only wish I had a top that felt that good against my skin!

  2. How wonderful!
    I adored book week but our school has cancelled it as parents complained about the work load.
    I am so pleased to 'hear' your enthusiasm.
    xx N

    1. Oh that is a shame! All the children were buzzing, it was great fun.


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