Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Finishing up some overdue projects

Today feels productive if only because I have finally finished two of my overdue projects. First up is the Divided Basket for little Bug's nursery. The pattern is by Noodlehead and let me tell you it is absolutely perfect for nursery storage. 

The lining is a small checked gingham, the patterned exterior fabric is an Amy Butler print and the plain pink is a quilting cotton that just happened to match perfectly.

I wanted to add some piping to the front pocket so used some that I had made up ages ago and had left over. A plain red to tie everything in.

This is how it will be used in my daughters room, although it won't stay by the side of her cot. Lessons have been learned about leaving a bottle of lotion or a pack of wipes within reach of a small inquisitive child.

Add some essential reading material and it is good to go!

I used quilting weight cotton throughout and only interfaced it instead of adding the wadding layer. I wanted to add it because as Anna advises it adds some structure to the basket. I could see it would be a bit floppy but I only had enough wadding/batting to line one side, so didn't bother. Next time I will definitely make sure I do that bit.

It is bigger than I expected and I am thrilled to bits with how much you can fit in. More of these are on the cards.

So with that done and the sewing set aside for the morning, I finished off the Honey Cowl I have been working on in the evenings in front of the telly. I only needed to bind off the edge so I settled down for a half hour of knitting.

This project cost me practically nothing. The pattern is free and downloadable from Ravelry or MadelineTosh website. The yarn was free with a first issue of a knitting magazine and that only cost me £1. 

This is my first attempt at the cowl and once you get into the swing of it, it knits up in no time and is an easy and pleasant project. I had two 75g balls and so decided to just knit as much as I could with both colours. It may be a little narrower than the pattern. This is for my daughter and so is the smaller version anyway. 

I made all my silly mistakes on the pink side first. You can see where I forgot which row I was on and ended up copying the pattern so the slip stitches are too close together. I cracked it by the green section though once I became more familiar with what I was looking at.

I will make one of these for myself. I have my eye on some Malabrigo yarn that will feel so soft around my neck. Evening knitting is suiting me at the moment, it means I get to sit with hubby for a while instead of cheating on him with my sewing machine!

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