Friday, 1 March 2013

Jump Rope Dress

I am in love with this pattern. As I always knew I would be.

Even so, I held off from making it for a while determined to find just the right fabric. Determined not to make my first one in anything less than my idea of perfect. I knew I wanted green/blue and of there had to be polkadots on there. I LOVE polkadots. So when Gail posted this beauty I thought I was ruined, that I wouldn't be able to find anything I liked more. But I did find, by chance-lazy-day-browsing, a lovely greeny-blue with lime spots that instantly said 'Jump Rope' to me. So I clicked, bought and waited for it to arrive.

I have never sewn anything that has made me so ridiculously proud of being able to sew before. The style and pattern are simply beautiful and having made it up and seen the fit first hand, I am chuffed to bits. It is perfect! 

Plus I had to smile when I asked her to try it on for fitting. She twirled and preened in front of the mirror and despite not feeling very well, had a huge smile on her face. Satisfied customer!

I guess what I like about it is that it looks like a complete outfit. Not sleeveless so you need a cardigan over the top or a layer underneath when it is cooler. Not too short so you put leggings or tights on. The length is just right. And the bow finishes it off perfectly.

I will admit to being apprehensive about the placket construction. I have never made a shirt style top before so have not tested myself in that area, but the instructions are simple and clear and made it so easy to do. For my own future benefit I took a photo of the slice down the middle front stage so I can remember what it all looked like.

The pockets are very deep and are positioned quite far down the skirt of the dress, which I like. It seems to be designed for the longer bodied child. I found that it was generous even on Boo who herself is quite long in the body and legs. It will certainly last a long while in the length. 

I did find that to get it on and off I had to instruct her to point her arms nice and straight upwards and let me slip it down her arms and over her head. There isn't much wriggle room in getting it on/off. Once it is on though, you would never know. It suddenly sits just right across the chest and around the shoulders. I have made this one in a size 6T (my daughter is 4 and a half but fit into all the measurements for a 6T). I would like to make this up for a summer gingham school dress but because of getting it on and off again unaided, I would size up for that.


  1. Everything about this dress is fantastic: fabric, buttons, craftsmanship, and of course the model too!
    I love this pattern as well and enjoy making it but getting it on and off is indeed a problem.

    1. Thank you! That means a lot. She has worn it all day, even for her nap (so it looks a bit crumpled now) but I can tell it is going to be a big hit!

  2. I love this spotty version, Katy - it makes for a perfect jump rope.
    I was concerned re the size when I made my first one for Rosie - she was already 8 - but the 8 fitted really well, and she can actually still wear it now. We do the arms over head thing too :-)

    1. Thanks Justine! She wants to wear it again today, even hung it up herself which is unheard of. I will make view b soon as I get fabric chosen and hope the fit will be similar.

  3. Same with the arms up but nobody minded that!

    This is so lovely,I love your colours.
    Liddy wears hers as uniforms (in the school fabric)
    xx N

    1. Thanks Nicole! I really hope the headteacher okays the dress as school wear. It will be one of those instances where sewing something will save me a fortune and gingham is so easy to get hold of locally.


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