Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kids Clothes Week Day One & Two: Hopscotch Skirt

First up from my list is the Oliver + S Hopscotch Skirt. I haven't made one for a while and really enjoy the construction of this skirt so it was a good one to start with.

I had to stretch this project over two days because of work. Below is where I got up to last night before I called it quits and headed off to bed with my laptop to see what everybody else taking part in KCW had got up to.

If you are familiar with the paper version of this pattern, you will know that this is the end of the first page of instructions. Front waistbands on, pockets attached, side seams sewn. A good place to stop for the night.

I had to wait until naptime to complete the skirt, but it was a good long nap and so my first item is done! 

I chose to sew triangles onto the pocket corners like on the Puppet Show shorts as pockets get a lot of use around here and there have been some repairs done on that area in the past. This should hopefully prevent that. Thinking about it, I have never had to repair a pair of PS Shorts, so this obviously works!

The fabric is a lightweight cotton poplin and folded beautifully when I was constructing the pockets. I have given myself a hard time in the past when making this skirt by choosing heavier fabric (denim, twill) so this was a lot easier to make this time round.

My model was very pleased with it when she came home from school.

I didn't do any buttonholes, just sewed them straight on. I also used buttonhole elastic in the waistband so it will last through the summer. The skirt is nice and light so will be great when the weather warms up.

Next up on my KCW list is a layered ruffle skirt in a pretty floral cream and pink. This challenge is destined to be girly!


  1. I love this! I was wondering what you meant by not doing buttonholes and just "sewing them straight on"? Did you sew the button on through both plackets (is that the right word)? What about the top button? I have a nearly finished skirt in red corduroy but I am nervous to put the buttonholes on. I want to finish before it gets too warm to wear!

    I love the whole outfit here, though. Inspiration for a future one for my girls!

    1. Thank you very much!

      Regarding the buttonholes, yes I sewed the buttons on straight through both plackets. I have done it this way in the past when the fabric I used was heavier and the thought of doing buttonholes made me uneasy. (my machine throws a wobbly whenever I try and do a buttonhole next to a folded or topstitched edge)
      So I just pinned both plackets together and sewed the buttons straight on, thus fixing the plackets together. Same for the top button.

      Good luck with finishing yours!

  2. Fascinating! I am going to have to try it on her to see if the elastic has enough give that I could get away with doing that. And it it doesn't? It might still be worth it to open those seams and put in longer elastic! My machine doesn't play nice with buttonholes either and I really am not looking forward to doing them through 2 layers of corduroy and interfacing. Thanks for the tip!

  3. It worked! And is actually a little large on her anyway so no problem at all sliding it up without the buttons. Thank you so much. That skirt would have sat there for weeks before I finally spent the frustrating hours it would have taken to make the buttonholes. Instead it was done in 10 minutes of pinning and sewing. You are my hero!

    1. Great! You're welcome, glad I helped. I find the waistband generous on this skirt anyway, which is why I put in buttonhole elastic this time.

  4. I am doing this pattern too for my first KCW project and all I have left to do is the buttonholes. I am so glad I read your post before tackling them - of course, I dont actually need to do buttonholes, just sew them straight on. Thank you, you have saved me some valuable KCW sewing time!!!

    1. You're welcome! My machine doesn't play nice with buttonholes so it is always a relief to bypass that step!


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