Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tablet Pouch

I recently came across a pattern shop for all sorts of cute and clever bags, pouches, clutches and things. As luck would have it they were having a pattern sale so I snapped up a couple of different ones. 

Each member of my family seems to have a different type of laptop / netbook / tablet / kindle or whatever so I bought the Idea pouch (a play on words for an ipad case) which is this one and also a laptop sleeve for myself. 

I love this pattern! It is so clever and makes good space for all the bits you generally carry around with you when taking the tablet out for a walk.

A tad on the plain side? Well yes but there is a reason. I have made this for my dad and he would look a bit silly carrying anything more flamboyant.

The main fabric is black denim and I chose this to be hardwearing.

Inside it does get a bit girly, but he is okay with that. The lining fabric is a lightweight poplin. The two fabrics sewed up really well together. Everything is either interfaced or has fusible fleece attached which provides a little security for your device which snuggles nicely inside.

The inside pocket is just nice and roomy, clear of any additional pockets, but you could add some if you wanted. 

The exterior pocket is pleated adding extra room inside for bulky items. There is a pen pocket with slots for six pens on the original pattern brief. This can be easily tweaked if you wanted to change one to fit a charger or a perhaps a glasses case. 

My mum requested a couple of loops on the inside flap so she could attach a strap for carrying it around. They often go for long walks (as most retired folks have the time to do) mostly along the beach and would want to take their things with them easily. 



  1. It's a great looking bag and very handy with all the pockets and such.:)

    1. Thanks Cindy! My dad seemed quite happy with it.


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