Friday, 17 May 2013

Parsley Pants Pattern Review

Note: If the sight of an unkempt garden gives you the jitters, look away from this post now before you start twitching. After one glorious weekend of sunshine it has rained and rained and rained... my garden has turned feral. Don't say you weren't warned.

The pattern is the newly released Parsley Pants PDF by Made by Rae. It comes in a size range of ages 2 -10 which by my standards is a pretty fantastic range for one pattern purchase. 

I made these for my eldest who is nearly 5, she measured in the size 6. 
The joy of a PDF is that you only print out what you need and in this case all the pages you need are grouped together and you are told which ones to print out for the size and style you want to make.

I used a floral linen, nice and lightweight.

The unique thing about this pattern is the way each leg is cut out as a whole piece. This saves joining two panels together and creates a seam free outer leg. There is also no waistband piece to cut out, as the top edge of the pants is folded back down to create the casing for the elastic.

You can make each pair of pants different by mixing up the different options.
For the waistband you choose from Flat-Front or Elasticated. You can then leave the pockets off entirely or choose from a pouch-style patch pocket or a box pleat pouch.

Then the fun bits; add leg knee patches or a outer leg tuxedo stripe, or a front leg pintuck.

I had a hard time choosing but in the end went with the version that had tempted me to buy the pattern in the first place. Flat-Front and Pouch Pockets.

Boo fit in the size 6 and the fit is long and loose with great ease for movement and play. The legs flare out gently towards the bottoms creating a casual look. Looking at the fit on her I could totally afford to do the pintuck version, which narrows the finished hip measurement by 1". The fit would still be great.

I am playing around with the idea of making a pair of size 5's with added length for a slimmer looking fit. She wouldn't be in them for long though. However with it being such a quick pattern and having a younger sister to pass everything down to, it wouldn't be time wasted.

The cutting out directions and sewing instructions were a breeze. If you sew regularly, you may find you only need one read through before cracking on with the pattern. They are very quick to make.

There are some good helpful hints along the way in the instructions and where one of the construction stages for the various options comes into play, the page numbers are given so you can flick through and find your place easily.

Although I didn't need a replacement pyjama pant pattern I can easily use a combination of this and a flashback tee to create a comfortable and quick pair of pj's. Leave off the pockets and extras, do an elasticated waistband and you are good to go!


  1. These are very pretty practical play trousers Katy.
    They would be perfect for Lids and Tilly.

    1. She has asked to wear them again before they have made it out of the ironing pile. Great news! Must make a backup pair or two.

      Of course, that means a trip to the fabric shop is required ;-)

  2. Such pretty fabric, Katy :-)

    1. Thanks! I didn't notice when I bought it but the background has pale spots all over it. I only saw it when I hung it on the line. She loves them, it is such a great pattern.

  3. Such pretty fabric! I do love the shape of the Parsley pants.:)


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