Saturday, 11 May 2013

Puppet Show Shorts + Bucket Hat Gift Set

One of my daughters friends has a birthday coming up. This little girl is one of my favourite children from the morning trip to the playground. She is an absolute darling. She always comes and says hello to my other daughter and makes her giggle in her pushchair, so I wanted to make something really nice for her.

I had a meter of this fun and summery print which was enough to make a pair of size 5T Puppet Show Shorts and a Bucket Hat from the Little Things to Sew book (also a free pattern here).

Because I don't have an overlocker I lined the shorts with some soft white cotton so they wouldn't appear obviously homemade. It was as simple as cutting another set of main leg pieces and making up another pair of shorts to slip inside before the leg bindings and waist band went on. I wouldn't make them without a lining now as I think the overall effect is just perfect. No itchy seams and everything is smooth and neat.

The hat is made to be reversible so I just kept it simple with a pinstripe fabric in pink and white. This fabric is slightly brushed, it will feel soft against her skin.

I want to keep the shorts! I love the Puppet Show pattern but my big girl is out of them now *sigh*. The set is wrapped up and ready to go to prevent any further temptation to put it in my younger daughter's wardrobe!

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  1. What a lovely gift, Katy! So cute
    Great idea re the shorts lining too


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