Saturday, 20 July 2013

End of Year Teachers Gifts

Reception year is over. It is so hard to come to terms with that fact but it seems to have simply flown by. I have been so happy with how my daughter has settled into school life and how caring the teachers have been with her, it only seemed right to give them a little something. 

I had other things planned but with hurting my hand, I had to rethink and do something a little simpler. I chose the Gathered Clutch Pattern from Noodlehead which is a free pattern and tutorial amongst others on Anna's awesome website.

I bought the fabrics and zips on Ebay and I was relieved to find that the colours matched up, although why I ordered a lilac coloured one and not a green one for the bottom clutch escapes me. It does go with the contrast fabric, but I still wish I had chosen differently.

This is a superb pattern and I highly recommend you give it a go. These would make perfect stocking fillers. This small size is a free pattern but there is also a larger size available to buy. The instructions are nice and clear and the fact that only one clutch was made without any faults is mine and mine alone. 

The red one is perfect. So happy with it. That was the first one I made. The blue one frustrated me throughout as some projects end up doing purely because you weren't focused enough when making them. The only thing I forgot about when making the green clutch is to topstitch either side of the zip. As it turns out, I was pre-24 hour stomach bug, one that knocked me off my feet for an entire day, so I guess I wasn't 100% and that explains why I kept messing up and having to unpick. 

I made each clutch with the card pocket and left the divider out altogether. It is a nice touch and makes it just that bit more useful.

Here they are ready to be delivered. I was hoping to take them in myself but as the day turned out I physically couldn't get out of bed, so my husband took them in instead. Just hope they ended up in the right place!

Boo helped me out with the photo's, she loves that camera! We snuck it out of her clutches the other night and had a look through her snaps. Seeing the world through her eyes was delightful. She moves through the day at lightening speed so it is lovely seeing what catches her attention.


  1. What a useful and very beautiful gift.
    xx N
    PS I hope you are feeling better.

    1. Thanks Nicole. I am much better now, still not eating much but that's ok. Won't do me any harm!

  2. Lovely gifts! I bet they are well received.:)


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