Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Birthday Gifts

Boo had an invite to a joint boy-girl birthday party at the weekend. As usual I was scratching my head about what to make the little boy, but then thought, ahhh of course, Parsley Pants!

So I traced a size 4T (because he is a very petite 5 year old) and drafted the shorts version with enough length to make them like boardshorts. I used the box pleat pocket this time. I followed the pattern placement for where to put the pockets but in hindsight should have aimed lower. I like the finished shorts but if they were for one of my girls it would bug me

For the little girl I made a Bubble Dress. This is easily one of my favorite things to sew for little girls. The way the bodice comes together is so clean and tidy. I love sewing this pattern. And this is my fourth one! Number one was also a present, numbers two and three were the girls Christmas dresses. 

The fabric I used was the same as my recent girls Parsley shorts. It is a sweet Little Red Riding Hood print on a cream linen fabric. The piece I bought from the scrap bin was huge and I was thrilled to be able to make a dress from it.

I chose not to do the bubble hem this time. My daughter who is typically in a size 6T for Oliver and S clothes still fits into her 5T bubble dress but it is scandalously short on her. The bodice has plenty of room but it is consigned to the 'too small bag' on the basis of the length. I wondered how much extra I would have to add on if I were to make her another one. This served as a tester dress. 

The birthday girl is nearly half a meter shorter than my daughter, tiny little poppet so I wasn't going to alter the length too much.

Don't worry I did give it another press before wrapping it up. The one drawback to using linen is that is crumples easily but it gathered beautifully at the bodice. I did have to do my gathering stitches in sections rather that one whole line. It was too difficult to pull them up and my threads kept snapping.

For the hem I took up a double 1" hem on the main fabric and the same on the lining. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the pattern, the dress is fully lined. The bodice looks so neat and tidy inside because of this. 

I was happy to give this as a present as a result of it being lined. While I don't mind a few raw edges for my childrens clothes, I would rather my donated ones looked a bit more professional.

Here is a close up of the fabric, cute isn't it?

I always have a willing dress model so I took a few snaps of it being worn.

See what I mean about it being short on her! 

I love those cap sleeves, they are so pretty (never mind quick to sew!)

I hope both presents fit! The party was great fun and by the size of the piles of presents, both children will be opening them for a while yet. Why is it that as you get older that pile gets smaller and smaller?


  1. What really lovely presents, Katy. The dress is so sweet and I love the shorts (I don't think the pockets are too high, btw).

    1. Thanks Justine. His mum told me they look great on him. Phew!

  2. They are both very cute! Your sewing is gorgeous. What nice presents!

    1. Thank you! That bubble dress pattern is so therapeutic to make up, the pattern just flows beautifully.


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