Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kids Clothes Week Challenge: Day One

Day one of the challenge and I decided to put together this hat. The truth is the pieces had been cut out months ago and forgotten about. In the name of tidying up my sewing area I decided this would be my first project of the week.

The pattern is the Uptown Hat by Heidi & Finn. 

I used a medium weight stretch denim and a star print quilting cotton for the lining and decoration. Both fabrics worked really well. You do need a lightweight fabric for the lining that will enable you to stretch it to fit around the outer shell. My cotton just about eased into place.

I added some of the lining fabric to the brim along with some ribbons to add some interest to the outside.

You can add an optional bit of elastic inside the layers of the back brim to make the hat more secure. I skipped this stage because my girl has quite thick hair and that in itself stops the hat sliding about!

I used a fat quarter of the star fabric and had plenty left over so you really don't need much for this project. The brim is quite stiff on this hat because I used some fusible buckram I had left over from some curtain tie backs. It did make the hat a bit tricky to turn out and I wouldn't use it again. Just medium weight interfacing would be fine.

So there we have it. First item made. I really like how it looks on my daughter, she seems to suit a hat. We have a lot of woolly hats so it is nice to have something a bit different.

While I was waiting for her to come home from school to try it on, I may have got a little bored.....
(you can't be sensible all the time!)


  1. Pooh looks the biz!
    and it's very cute on your daughter too. Sadly summer hats need great big antimelanoma brims round here and we never seem to wear them in any other season.

    1. Ha! Thanks. I can't imagine not needing a different type of hat for all seasons.

  2. I love the hat! Very stylish.:)

    1. Thanks Cindy! I am just glad to have it off my pattern bust list.

  3. I have this pattern!
    I am convinced to make it up in a tweed for Tilly and Lids for winter. Well done!

    1. It would suit your girls! Tweed or cord would look lovely, hope you get round to it.


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