Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Last KCW projects

The last couple of days of KCW were spend experimenting with the Flashback Tee pattern. If you haven't heard of this pattern, where have you been? It is a real staple in the children's sewing pattern pool.

I have been slow to approach sewing with knits and although I have made a couple of successful tops, I have only drifted into this territory briefly.

I made one of these tops earlier in the year but it was a size 6 and too snug for my daughter. This time round I went with a size 7 and the fit is perfect. I did two short sleeved versions with some knit fabric I had lying around at home. 

The first is your traditional short sleeved tee. I love the neckline and arm cuffs on this pattern, it makes the finish look more professional.

It looks so retro it makes me laugh! Boo said it was really comfy so that is high praise indeed. She has a real bugbear about itchy labels and the soft, stretchy knit I used passed the test. I had some red and white spotty fabric cut out for the bindings but they wouldn't stretch enough so I used some from a pair of baby leggings that had a bit of lycra content. Perfect! You really do need something with a good stretch to make it work.

 My second version was in a lightweight wool, viscose, lycra mix. In a former life it was a jumper dress from Gap that happily saw me through my late pregnancy months. It is a bit worn but the worst of it was around the old shoulder seams so it was due to be upcycled or thrown out.

I kept the details of the original dress; a pintuck down the center front and a triangular flap on the middle of the neckline. The flap I parted down the middle and laid flat so it formed a nice little triangle. This was sewn down and secured into the neck binding. I like the look, it is subtle.

This is the first pattern I haven't had to add length to. It comes just below her hipline which is perfect. This woollen version is light enough to layer in the cooler months. I like it with the long sleeved white tee underneath.

So, now I have got my knit mojo working I should expect a few more versions of this pattern will grace my sewing table. 


  1. Congratulations on the newly acquired knit mojo. I love that second T, the colours, the detail on the front, everything!

  2. Both the tees are great! I do so love this pattern, I need to pull it out again...

  3. The t-shirts look great! I really like the details on the last one.

  4. Thank you all! I enjoyed making these even if they are only basics. They are so quick to make!


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