Sunday, 10 November 2013

Little Things to Sew: Backpack

Have you heard about the Little Things To Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge? If not, head over to Bartacks and Singletracks to get the all important info!

I have had this Backpack earmarked ever since I first flicked through the Little Things to Sew book. Somehow I have never got around to it before. 

My little girl needed a bag to carry her nursery bits and bobs (the nursery supplied one but it just wouldn't do!). I take and collect all her things the same day so it didn't need to be too big, enough for the basics. The size of this bag looked perfect and it turned out to be just right.

I chose a home dec weight blue flowery print with a splash of pink. I pimped up the pink a touch with a matching zip and bright polkadot lining. I made a strip of piping with some of the lining fabric to break up the front panel.

It was so refreshing to make something that wasn't clothing for a change, I really enjoyed this project. It doesn't feel like I am just ticking off something from my wish list, it feels like I have found a new project that will come in handy for many years to come. I can see me making a few of these. My nieces may end up with one each for Christmas!

I found a supplier for the strap adjusters on ebay. They were really quick to fit and look great. They also came in a pack of five so I have some ready for when I make this bag again.

I did make one silly mistake on the lining pieces. One of my back panel pieces is upside down. This does mean that the curves don't quite match as they should. Luckily, being inside, you can't tell. I didn't notice until I came to sew the inner and outer layers together on the seam allowances. I can't imagine how I missed that before, but I have been a bit under the weather (so we will just blame it on that).

I already have everything packed and ready for her nursery day. Even Pirate Monkey has enough space inside!

We had a little test run with the size and weight. She thought she was off out somewhere and kept wandering around the house saying "bye bye mummy!"

Perfectly pint-sized for my little girl!

So that is one project ticked off for the challenge but a new favourite is born!


  1. Great backpack. I must make a non-animal version of this pattern.
    thanks for the blog shout out!

  2. Thanks! If I could have sourced enough things to make a ladybird bag, that is how it would have turned out.

  3. This is really sweet Katy.
    I've always shied away from making this - bags tend to scare me somewhat!

  4. It turned out so lovely. I do really love how you used the piping and pink zipper on it! It makes the pink in the flowers really pop.

  5. Precious! I love the pink zipper.:)

  6. Love is the perfect size for pre school, isn't it?

  7. Thanks ladies! It is coming in so handy for nursery and for dropping Boo off at a friends house after school. Perfect size.


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