Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lisette Portfolio

I bought this pattern 15 months ago. Sssh don't tell anyone it was languishing in my stash for that long!

A while back I had the motivation to cut out the pieces for view C, the top version. Then I put it to one side and forgot about only to pull it out again last week. When I looked at the pattern again I worried it was going to be too short. I am about 5 7" and the top is more cropped than where the hemline of my tshirts usually fall. I asked the advice of the the lovely Nicole and she said to add a few inches on the bottom. Seeing as I had already cut out the pieces, I improvised and added a band to the bottom.

I cut a strip 8" deep by the length of the front and back pieces (the front is ever so slightly wider than the back) and folded it in half lengthwise to make a nice neat band to the bottom. It worked a treat. I will remember to add the extra length on next time but I also quite like the look of the band.

The detail of the front yoke is pretty and feminine. I didn't add any extra width to the gathers as my bust measurement left enough ease anyway. I fell into the 14, the 16 and rather alarmingly the 20 for my waist. I have a thick waist and am obviously an odd shape. I made the 16 which turned out fine across my bust and under my arms, but feels too roomy around the neck and hips. I will have to blend sizes next time for a closer fit. 

There is no setting in of sleeves on this top which was wonderful. the kimono style sleeves are finished with lovely deep cuffs that were really satisfying to attach. The finish is very neat!

And finally, I had to wait for the weekend for my photographer but you just cant rely on your husband not to put you off when you are trying to pose. I won't tell you what he said!


  1. I like everything about this top: the addition of the bottom band, the colour, the fit and it's so beautifully made. Very flattering!

  2. Said it on Fickr - but worth repeating - this is really flattering on you. I think as it is the top version, the extra ease doesn't matter. And I love the band!
    (Shall I tell you how long I let this pattern languish in my stash??!)

    1. How long? I am terrible for storing patterns for me. I must get through the backlog this year.

  3. Its beautiful on you and that added band is a very nice detail.

  4. Looks fabulous. I've made versions A and B but never C but you've got me thinking....

  5. The top looks great on you! I really love the band at the hem.

  6. Thanks everyone. I will make another one up in white as I think it is great for under cardigans and I will get a lot of wear out of a few basics. My wardrobe will feel very spohisticated!


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