Saturday, 11 January 2014

Oliver + S: Tea Party

I am quite excited by this dress! 

It isn't that the pattern is super cute and I enjoyed making it. That is a given. But that I have only ever made this little girl one dress before. Can you believe it?! 

It is mainly because this time last year she was still struggling to walk. She is double-jointed and  it really held her back. Her ligaments were too bendy and she needed to build up her muscles to support her weight. Not the case now! You should see her on the walk to school, she is like a rocket!

So now that I can safely put her in skirts and dresses more without them hindering her, I knew that this pattern could be given a whirl.

I was a good girl and used up some spare fabric from earlier projects. This is the size 2T and so I easily fit it onto what I had left. The Red Riding Hood print is a Japanese linen (Kokka?). When I showed it to L she was quite animated about the pictures.

The flare of the skirt on this dress is absolutely gorgeous. When she sits down I adore how it falls into a perfect little semi-circle. Very lady-like!

Now roll on the summer so I can make some more.


  1. I love this dress, and she is just super cute in it!

  2. It is such a sweet dress Katy, and it is a perfect fit on her. Yay for girly dress sewing :-)

  3. The dress is so sweet, Katy! I love that print.

  4. Beautiful dress with lovely accents!


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