Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pleated Skirt - New Look 6873

It has been a long time since I blogged, but I haven't been sat idle. No no. I have just had a very long to-do list which I am nearing the end of now. So so behind on my sewing blogs though. Which makes me sad. What have I missed?!

One of the things I managed to sew up is this skirt. It is a New Look pattern which I bought when I first immersed myself in the sewing world and it is one that I always looked at with interest when going through my patterns. Enough already! Just make it. So I did.

The pattern is 6873. Three skirt options plus trousers and shorts. I haven't managed to find many of these sewn up to have a look at, only a really light scattering. It is a great little pattern though and I am looking forward to trying the trousers.

This is view A. The tucks tugged at my heartstrings straight away so it had to be the first one I tried. I did lengthen the skirt by 6". All the reviews I managed to find said that it was a little on the risque side for length and at a finished length of 18", I was inclined to agree. 

The instructions have you finish the bottom hem first and then do the upper two tucks. I had a large space between the bottom and middle tucks following the instructions which was rectified by turning the bottom hem up by itself again. The pleats make the bottom edge of the skirt hang a little heavy, but that is okay with me.

This has been the item that has made up my mind about box pleats on me. I am against. I think they make my tummy and bottom look rounder. I will try gathers next time and maybe that will make it sit better on my bodyshape.

The dreaded zip. Can't say it is my neatest work but it has been a while since I put one in.

The instructions called for stitching in the ditch on the waist band. I wasn't up for that. I edgestitched instead this time around. Maybe I will be in a more accurate mood next time.

I didn't have to alter anything about the fit and made up a straight size 14. The waistband fits like a dream and is very comfortable. I will be making this again.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Tiered Skirt

This was my last project from Kids Clothes Week. The one I was finishing off when my machine broke. I eventually finished it off and because there wasn't a good day to photograph it, I put it away. Well today has been nice enough for a skirt so I pulled this out and managed to get a few shots.

The pattern is from Sew Chic Kids. It is pattern P; tiered skirt. I was drawn to this pattern immediately when I first looked through the book. The fact that the book version was made up in  a Liberty print made it all the more appealing. 

I am not put off it seems by the thought of sewing a garment that needs a lots of gathering, see past evidence here, and here.

I made the size 2 here. She is a little over the measurement guide for this size but is not yet hitting the next size up which is the 4. So given that this is a relaxed fit and has an elasticated waist I knew I would be okay.

I am very happy with the length. She will get a lot of wear out of it over the summer and the poplin should wash well. I used up every last scrap of this fabric which was left over from another project. 

I have cut another (larger) version out for her big sister. Whether the length will be equally as pleasing remains to be seen. I am forever adding inches on to get the skirt hems as remotely near her knees as possible. Sometimes without success.

Seeing her in sandals also makes me squeal with delight. She has been in prescription boots and solid Clarks shoes all her life because of her double-joints. These sandals are saved over from her sister. Fingers crossed, she walks okay in them. It is lovely to see her little toes in the sunshine!