Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Summer weather seems to have finally arrived (so far, so good anyway) and we are enjoying a bit of sunshine and a few warm breezes for a change. I am managing to get all the washing out for a line dry and the garden is growing too fast for me to catch up with it. And so it seems is my eldest. All the clothes in her wardrobe are suddenly too short, too tight or the wrong fabric for the season.

I put away a total of 21 things in the hand-me-down bag. This left a massive gap in her wardrobe and we are suddenly bereft of dresses, short sleeved tshirts, blouses, leggings and shorts. Even the shorts I made her a couple of months ago in preparation for summer are too small. Just when I thought I might fit in a bit of selfish sewing.

I re-measured her and she has gone up into the Oliver + S size 7 bracket. This means a lot of tracing out new patterns. The bit I find tedious about sewing. But I have done it all now and so finally moved on to cutting things out. First up, the Oliver + S Seashore Dress.

This is the same blue linen mix fabric I used for my Everyday skirt. I had just enough to get a dress out of it thanks to the way all the bodice panels are long and thin.

The fit on this dress suits her because it is long in the body and fitted due to the princess seams. She does find it difficult to locate the pockets though! I may put piping on my next version so she can see them more clearly.

The only other thing I need to remember is to add about an inch to the straps. They wrap around her shoulders fine at the moment but they will be the first thing to feel small as she grows. An extra bit of length in that area should be the key to making this dress last.

The fabric frayed a fair bit so I decided to bind the bottom hem with bias binding to stop any nasty unravelling. My intention was to fold it up out of the way, but my husband and daughter both voted for the trim to stay down. So I left it as it is.

I have also sewn up a pair of shorts for my youngest. These are from an Ottobre Design magazine. They are from issue 3/2011 and are #15 Ape Island Shorts.

I have wanted to make these forever! My eldest was too big for them by the time the magazine came to me and it hasn't been the weather to put the little one in shorts until now. I made the 98cm size (she measures about 94cm at the moment) and they are a lovely fit.

The pockets are lined in what remains of my old Trespass jacket. I really liked the pattern, so when it came time to throw the jacket away, I saved the lining. I think it goes pretty well with this green fabric so I am glad I did.

The leg cuffs have a very cute 'v' detail which make them a bit quirky. I used metal buttons as specified in the instructions, luckily I had four matching ones in my sewing box that were the right size.

This pattern is a keeper, I will definitely make another pair while they are fresh in my mind. 


  1. Very cute! I especially love those shorts! The tracing is time consuming, isn't it. But I also find it oddly relaxing and satisfying.

    1. Thank you! I do like the cutting out though, just not the tracing! Weird.

  2. I feel your pain! E is just out of almost every pattern O&S pattern I owned so I will be doing a lot of tracing soon. The top stitching on those shorts is amazing!

    1. Thank you! A little bit of sunshine makes little girls grow fast. She has been doing a lot of sports recently too and she seems to be growing taller and leaner. I should take a leaf out of her book....

  3. The dress is so pretty in blue! My youngest has outgrown a lot of her handmades but luckily MG is tiny and she fits in to almost all her littlest's sisters outgrown clothes.;) The Ottobre shorts are darling.


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