Friday, 30 January 2015

School Lunchbag

Ever since starting back in Year Two my daughter has been having school dinners and for the most part enjoying them. Queuing up, choosing her meals, which mostly end with cake and custard, biscuit and custard, rice krispie cake.... and custard. No I am not kidding. Sounds disgusting right?

Well, recently information has filtered through about the portion sizes the children are getting and together with the way my daughter devours her post-school snack and then asks how long dinner will be, we decided to try packing sandwiches again. I am glad of the choice that we have with regards to the hot dinners. The options are good, don't get me wrong. But my daughter has a healthy appetite and I want her to be able to concentrate during afternoon lessons and not be grumpy when she gets home. She can't do either if she is hungry. So we have come to an agreement that she can have the school meals she likes such as Fish and Chips on a Friday (why wouldn't you love that) and she likes her pasta day on a Tuesday. Other days I have said she can have a packed lunch.

I was also really happy to have an excuse to make up this lunchbag pattern. This is the Love Your Lunch Box PDF from Gingercake Sews. It is the perfect size for a school packed lunch and will keep her sandwiches and juice nice and cool until midday thanks to the thermal insulated batting it is interlined with.

The main exterior fabric is made from a quilting weight cotton and I chose two beautiful prints from Anna Maria Horner that I just love. The main exterior is Field Study Cell Structure and the contrast on the sides is Hugs & Kisses in Candy.

Inside the bag is lined with laminated cotton. This makes it easy to wipe any spills.

I won't lie, it was a nightmare to sew through all the layers of cotton, interfacing, insulated batting and laminated cotton. My machine was put to the test around those corners. Like Virginia says in her instructions though, the finished result is worth a bit of sweat and tears. I love the sturdiness of the bag and the capacity of the main pocket is perfect.

Either side of the bag are slim pockets that would fit a snack bar or some tissues.

We will give it a first run on Monday but for today L was happy to have her lunch in it and model it for me.

Trouble is she will now lay claim to it and cry if she sees it going into Boo's school bag. If it works out then I will make another one for when she starts in September. (Can't believe she starts this year, that has come around so fast!)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Some Pattern Busting and a Sew-along

I took part in my first sew-along! Something I have attempted (or tried to plan for) several times but for some reason or another, never managed. This time was a success!

Oliver and S hosted a sew-along on January 6th for the culottes either from the Lunchbox pattern for kids, or the Girl Friday version for women. I have already made one version of the Lunchbox culottes for my youngest, and fell head-over-heels for the pattern. It is wonderful.

My fabric is a floral needlecord bought at Croft Mill. I always wanted to make Boo a skirt from it but had the 2+2 in mind. I am glad I couldn't get around to it straight away because when the Lunchbox pattern was released I instantly knew it would be perfect.

The box pleats disguise the fact that they are shorts and make the skirt luxuriously full. She gave them a big thumbs up for comfort and the side seam pockets are very roomy. I think these will be perfect for school. Expect some grey ones very soon.

I did take 2" off the length because I prefer them to hit the knee rather than below.

While the pattern was out on my table, I traced off the long sleeved tee as well. This view has concealed pockets to the front, similar to the Book Report Dress. They are so clever.

I made the tee as per the pattern but next time will be adding some length to the arms and hem. My girl definitely needs it and it is such a great pattern that I am looking forward to making a few more for both girls. I really like the sleeve cuffs on the other version too.

The Field Trip Cargoes have been on my list (and in my stash) for a very long time. I even had the size 6 traced off but never got time to make them. Another great O+S pattern that I will make again. At least I will have the 6T ready for L when she is older!

These are the size 8 and I opted for the larger size so they would fit her for a while. One thing I have learned about making pants for Boo, is that she grows upwards fast. Too fast. The legs are quite roomy on her now but she will still be wearing them in the summer, I hope. 

This is Robert Kaufman chambray in Indigo. A gorgeous fabric to work with and a January sale treat to myself. 

The cargoes are a bit time consuming with all the pockets and top stitching but they are so worth the effort. I kept the contrast stitching to a minimum as I want these to go with most of her wardrobe. But I did sneak a pink butterfly onto one of the leg pockets as I knew it would make her smile.

I had the cargoes and this Bimaa Sweater cut out at the same time. We are a bit low on warm sweaters at the moment and this pattern comes highly recommended. I can see why, I am really pleased with it. The Bimaa pattern itself comes with 3 different neckline options, a hood, a shawl collar and a cowl neck. I can't wait to try the cowl version.

This is actually an Ikea blanket bought for the purpose of being cut up into something warm. It doesn't have quite as much stretch as the pattern dictates so I sized up and made a 10. The hem band is a wee bit snug on her but it still works.

The hood is nice and deep and comes up around her face and under her chin like a warm shield against the wind. I lined my hood with some interlock jersey to make it extra soft and snuggly.

All those clothes have been readily accepted into her wardrobe but I lucked out with the last piece I am showing you. Which is very disappointing because I happens to be my favourite. The Firefly Jacket

I made this up for a Christmas present and although she loves the fabric, she says it makes her look 'daft'. She doesn't love how short it is. You can't win them all I guess.

The plain side is a navy linen and although it is impossible to get a decent shot of such a dark fabric, trust me it gathered beautifully and looks really smart.

The other side is a creamy butterfly print. I prefer the navy side as it goes with more but I adore these little butterflies.

The pleat on the back of this jacket make it so beautiful to look at and the construction of the sleeves is genius.

I think my clothes sewing is done and dusted for January but it has started well for the year.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Girl Friday/Lunch Box Culottes Sew-along

This sew-along kicks off today and I am busy tracing for it.

I am participating with a pair of Lunch Box Culottes.

Who is with me?!