Monday, 11 May 2015

Time for some pretty sewing

I really needed to let off some girly sewing steam after a batch of sewing some much needed basics. So I chose the girls a pretty floral print each and selected an Oliver and S pattern.

I bought this gorgeous Liberty print when we visited London in January, Boo chose it herself so it was the perfect fabric to make her something with. It has been a while since I made the Ice Cream top and it is such a great summer staple.

This is my first project with Liberty lawn and it is as divine to sew as everybody says. I really want to make myself something now! When she tried it on she told me how nice it felt against her skin.

The purples and pinks bring a couple of cardigans out of retirement from the drawer too. It is not warm enough yet for summer tops without the extra layer on top and these will do nicely. The one above is an In Three's Cardigan knitted by me and the one below is knitted by my mum. She wears the long sleeved one a lot anyway but it looks so pretty paired with the Liberty print.

On to some sewing for the recent birthday girl. The Tea Party Sundress in a size 4. Her last version was a 2T. I don't know how we managed to skip an entire dress size.

I adore this pattern, it is everything you want in a little girls dress.

I chose this beautiful fabric for L because they are her colours. It is from the Fly Away collection by Phyllida Coroneo and I used another of the prints from that collection for my Carousel Dress here. I just love the blues and greys!

I have to say, she is very fond of this dress. It went on without a fuss and she is old enough to actually realize that I have made something just for her. And that makes her feel special. I get a coy smile and a cuddle. My heart is happy just to have that moment.

This time I made the dress without any flat piping, I wanted it to be quite simple. The bodice curve isn't lying as flat as it should and I am stumped as to why. I hope a trip through the wash and a good press will help sort that out, if not I will try to redo my topstitching.

The skirt has a gorgeous flared shape. Very sweet and girly.

A special dress for a special girl.


  1. Pretty little dress for Miss L. Too sweet how she rocks the flared hem.
    Beautiful fabric for the Ice Cream top.
    Always love the In Threes cardigan paired with anything.

    1. Thanks Deb! I agree, the In Three's does go with everything, and I have discovered that I love the combination of Liberty and handknits. It makes me happy!

  2. These are both lovely! I'm wishing for spring and floral lawn sewing already! Perhaps I should make a winter Tea Party dress in corduroy to tide me over. Yours is so pretty I'm inspired!

    1. Thank you Shelley! A corduroy Tea Party is a great idea. Maybe in one of Rae's new cords.

  3. The fabrics you and Boo chose are perfect! I adore the floral prints.:) The Ice Cream top is gorgeous in Liberty. And the 2 sweaters pair perfectly with them. I feel a little sad that I never sewed the Tea Party dress as it's adorable. Like you said...everything you could want in a little girl's dress!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I don't know who had more fun in Liberty, me or Boo! She definitely has a style of her own.
      I am sure you know a little girl who would love a Tea Party dress as a present. I used it for a birthday present and it was very well received. I have the TP in the smaller size and have purposely not bought the small Seashore just so it gets used.


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