Monday, 23 November 2015

Ottobre Joggers

This feels like mission accomplished for me. A pair of comfy trousers that actually fit. Not for me sadly, but for my eldest. I have wanted to try this pattern for a long while, taken from the Ottobre Design issue below, which is one of my all time favourite issues. I have made the dress on the cover here and the applique horse for a gift here.

(follow link for magazine)

These are 32. Remainder velour pants. I didn't have velour but my sweatshirt knit bought from Kitschy Coo was perfect for the job. It has a bit of stretch so makes these like wearing pyjamas. So she tells me.....

A while back when I ordered the fabric, I asked  Boo to choose something for a sweater/hoody. This was her choice and while I wasn't 100% on board, I did ASK her to choose herself. When it arrived I had one of those moments where you think, what the heck am I going to make with this? It's cool. But still, no idea!

Then I figured, everybody needs crazy pants for days at home. And here they are.

I blended two sizes to get a better fit. I went with the 146cm with the length of 134cm. I ended up taking a large hem on the legs as they were a smidge too long, but am happy with the overall fit. Not too baggy, nice and slim down the leg.

I had the perfect black drawstring in my stash so didn't have to make one as the pattern instructs. I would always choose to use a ready made one where possible because cutting a thin strip out of knit fabric, folding, pressing and sewing it down neatly seems like too much hard work!

Yes I will definitely be making these again. I would love to try some out of velour and have seen some lovely colours online. I might just get to choose myself this time!! 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Simplicity 1382 for girls

Pattern: Simplicity 1382 
Fabric: 'Persistence Prevails' by Sarah Watts for Cotton and Steel 
Size made: 8 1/2 

I recently bought a few of the Simplicity patterns that include half sizes as I discovered that my daughter fits into the size ranges better. I bought three dress patterns and this is the one she wanted me to make the most. For obvious reasons, the heart cut out at the back appealed to her!

I made the smallest size, that being the 8 1/2. She varies with different pattern companies, and can measure from a size 10 to a size 12 so it is great to know that these come with a bit more longevity.

This is View A; sleeveless with a cut out back. The other options include cap sleeves, a contrast bodice and a simple crossover back without the heart shape cut out. I think the sleeves will look very cute on her. It would be nice to sew another up soon as it makes a perfect Christmas party dress.

The buttons catch the light as they are multifaceted. I got a close match to the lighter turquoise on the dress fabric and chose to make the button holes stand out a touch with a blue thread.

I enjoyed the construction of this dress, it was simple and easy to follow. The bodice is fully lined at the back and part faced at the front. The skirt zips up the centre back. I changed to an invisible zip as I thought it would look cleaner. 

I had a problem with the way the top of the zip curled to the inside when it was zipped up. I have had this problem once before with invisible zips and even though I folded and basted the top of the tape down away from the teeth, it still seems quite rigid at the top. Those with more experience of working with zips, please feel free to throw me some advice. I found this infuriating!

I chose to rescue the situation by adding a hook and eye to the very top of the band and not pulling the zip all the way up. Not the clean finish I was after but the alternative looked messy.

Another brilliant feature of this dress is that it has pockets! And we all love a good pocket!
Sewn into the side seams, the pockets stay nicely concealed within the pleats. I lined mine with the same pinstriped orange I used for the facings.

I like the length, love the back detail and adore the pleats. Safe to say I am really happy with how this turned out. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

L's Winter School Days Coat

When L started school, one of the things I got excited about was thinking of making her a duffle coat for the winter term. Of course there could be only one pattern to use, the School Days Coat from Oliver and S.

This is my second time making up this pattern. Similarly to the first run through of the coat, I was terrified of doing something wrong. A coat still feels slightly overwhelming!

I used an English tweed cloth for the outer that felt like a really expensive splurge when I bought it, but on reflection, I have got two coats out of my yardage (the other, an Uptown Girl Jacket, is at the end of this post) so I am satisfied that the money was well parted with.

The inner lining was fiddly to work with. It is a poly-satin that I hoped would make the coat slip on and off easily, which it does, but my fingers kept snagging it and I would find fluffy frayed ends attached to my clothes. Once I got it sewn in, I was relieved! 

Her measurements saw her in a 4T but I wanted to size up to a 5T to make it last a while longer. As you can see, there is plenty of growing room in the arms but it doesn't look too big overall.

I secured the openings with a couple of velcro squares just to keep things together. We are going to have to teach her how to work those toggles. She finds them a bit awkward at present.

I am very keen to make the quilted vest to go with this as the wool is quite thin and there would be plenty of wiggle room underneath even with the extra layer. I haven't sewn in the loops to attach the vest to the coat. When I do get around to sewing it, it will work as a separate piece rather than attaching to the inside.

That is both of the girls sorted for winter now in terms of coats. Hubby and I are patiently waiting our turn for our new coats. Mine will be the Grainline Cascade Duffle and Jay will have the Thread Theory Goldstream Peacoat. When I get around to them!