Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Kwik Sew K4113 Skort

Pattern: Kwik Sew K4113 (View D: Skort)
Fabric used: Cotton Lycra Jersey
Size Made: XS

I spotted this great little pattern whilst looking for some gym clothes for my eldest daughter. A lot of the children's patterns have her in the largest size or she is slightly out of the range altogether. This caught my eye because the smallest size seemed to match her measurements and there are 4 more sizes to go, meaning it will last, and as a bonus.... it will fit me too!

I didn't have to adjust the length for her. The waistband is nice and deep and the elastic is concealed inside the top of the band making it soft and comfortable to wear.

There are 2 different styles for the skort. This one has a straighter skirt and side panels so you can contrast the fabrics. I really like the block of solid in between the front and back pieces. The other view is a faux wrap style which reminds me of a swim skirt.

Not forgetting of course, these great little shorts hidden underneath. Totally stitched into the waistband, perfect for active kids. I would also make up this pattern and forgo the skirt. The shorts on their own would be very useful.

My full review of this pattern can be found on Pattern Review here.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Contrast Yoke Sundress: New Look 6296

Pattern: New Look 6296
Size Made: 10
Fabric: 3 different solids of single jersey knit

We went swimming last week and it suddenly occurred to me that she didn't have a dress that was easy to get on and off over her costume. Little sister has loads to choose from so I realized I needed to crack on with a few knit sundresses for her.

I could have flicked through my Ottobre Design magazines as they are the place to go for knits but I had this pattern in my collection and was eager to give it a try.

Boo's measurements actually put her in the size 12 but looking at the amount of ease I decided to go down to a 10. If I am being picky, it looks a little too big around her chest. But I am not sure if I will get around to retracing all those pieces in a smaller size. I think that by the end of summer I will still have a dress that fits her well so I can live with that.

The construction was a breeze. With a serger and a twin needle anything is possible!
I love the detail of the back, it is sporty and casual, yet wonderfully girly from the front.

I chose three different solid colours from the remains of my knit fabrics. I had enough scraps left over from previous projects to cut out all the pieces and so went for a mix and match approach. I nearly went for a different fabric for the skirt, but let me tell you I am so glad I chose the lime green. I could spot her a mile off through the kids on the playground and so always knew where she was. Lol!

Monday, 6 June 2016

An Oliver and S Summer Wardrobe

I have been stocking up on a few summer clothes for Boo over the last few weeks. Upon assessing her wardrobe what she really needs are skirts, play dresses, shorts and tee's.

I love the playful feeling of the Swingset skirt from Oliver and S. So I made three! All with stash fabric because that is becoming an obsession. I don't have a massive amount compared to some of you, but I bought lengths suitable for a child's garment and with this one growing fast, I need to use them quick!

I genuinely adore this fabric. I bought it from the Ottobre Design Etsy shop after seeing it in one of their magazines. I remember it arrived super quick, much faster than estimated and it is beautiful quality. Heavier than a normal poplin but still with some movement to it. The colours are vibrant and it will match with a number of different tee's.

I think I bought this fabric for a sundress but it lends itself quite well to the fullness of the Swingset. It was a large border print so I isolated the pattern and it fit well on the size 10 skirt.

Last one is a bright and cheery yellow. Not a colour we have a lot of I will admit but it means that I will spot her in a crowded playground over the summer holidays!

This is the perfect play skirt, I may get around to making up some shorts to go underneath
from the Playtime Leggings pattern. They have always worked really well in the past as a modest cover up underneath skirts.

Here we a have a hit and a miss. The Butterfly Blouse and the Sketchbook Shorts. The blouse is only a miss in terms of size. Heartbreakingly, it is too small for her. But the shorts are fantastic!

Made up from self dyed linen, they are light and breezy and a bit longer in length than her others, making them look a bit smarter.

I made the size 12 with my fingers crossed and thankfully they fit her! I may be the last Oliver and S fan to have made the Sketchbook shorts, and I hang my head in shame. Aren't they wonderful?! My justification is that I have girls so never thought I would need this pattern. However, there have been enough blog posts and posted photographs to convince me that this pattern is a must for girls too.

The linen will never survive a car journey, but at least the wrinkles drop out fairly quickly afterwards. I shall make up some more of these while I can still get her in the pattern.

Lastly, the Butterfly Blouse. So so beautiful but even in a size 12, it is a squeeze for her to get into. It is snug across her chest, so this one is going away for her little sister.

I love the pattern, the peplum across the front is adorable and the flutter sleeves complete the pretty girly look. I actually prefer the capped sleeve option but this is what she wanted and I was happy to make up the pattern regardless.

The finishes on the armholes are what I love most about the construction. The instructions are brilliant as usual and you end up with a really well made top. I will look forward to seeing this again on L when her time comes!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Kids Clothes Week May 2016

kid's clothes week

I joined in with KCW this season after missing it for a while. Sometimes you just know you are never going to get it together in time to take part, this time I did a bit of forward planning, chose my patterns, and rejoiced in the timing of the challenge being the week before the kids broke up!

I chose an old favourite with the Reversible Bucket Hat from the book 'Little Things to Sew' and something different with this Simplicity Cardigan.

The pattern is Simplicity 1025 a knit top and cardigan in one. The faux tshirt joins the side and shoulder seams of the cardi to create a 2-in-1 piece.
The raglan sleeves are shaped with a dart at the centre, giving the sleeve head a nice shape. The waterfall style of the cardigan opening makes it very feminine. My daughter loves it.

This orange knit was from my stash, I have used it before on a Lunchbox Tee and it sews up beautifully and has good drape. The white knit is a regular single jersey.

Overall, I am really impressed with the pattern. The length didn't need adjusting, the sleeves were also a great length and overall, the size 8.5 was the perfect fit for her. Did I mention this is a half size pattern? I have couple of them now because the measurements seem to match my daughter better than the regular size guides.

Give a big cheer for projects that use up some of your stash scraps! All of these hats were made from my scrap pile. Pieces left over from other projects that I couldn't bear to throw away.

I paired a poplin with a heavier weight fabric for all of them. The blue and pink on the right above are denim. The blue denim specifically is from my husbands old jeans which he kindly donated to my sewing room. The denim is soft, well washed and worn, making it just beautiful to look at. It is my favourite one.

The beige hat is a stretch twill and the underside of the blue flowery hat is a herringbone chambray.

I made the girls 2 hats each, as most of their sunhats get lost at school and so it is important to have a spare.