Monday, 6 June 2016

An Oliver and S Summer Wardrobe

I have been stocking up on a few summer clothes for Boo over the last few weeks. Upon assessing her wardrobe what she really needs are skirts, play dresses, shorts and tee's.

I love the playful feeling of the Swingset skirt from Oliver and S. So I made three! All with stash fabric because that is becoming an obsession. I don't have a massive amount compared to some of you, but I bought lengths suitable for a child's garment and with this one growing fast, I need to use them quick!

I genuinely adore this fabric. I bought it from the Ottobre Design Etsy shop after seeing it in one of their magazines. I remember it arrived super quick, much faster than estimated and it is beautiful quality. Heavier than a normal poplin but still with some movement to it. The colours are vibrant and it will match with a number of different tee's.

I think I bought this fabric for a sundress but it lends itself quite well to the fullness of the Swingset. It was a large border print so I isolated the pattern and it fit well on the size 10 skirt.

Last one is a bright and cheery yellow. Not a colour we have a lot of I will admit but it means that I will spot her in a crowded playground over the summer holidays!

This is the perfect play skirt, I may get around to making up some shorts to go underneath
from the Playtime Leggings pattern. They have always worked really well in the past as a modest cover up underneath skirts.

Here we a have a hit and a miss. The Butterfly Blouse and the Sketchbook Shorts. The blouse is only a miss in terms of size. Heartbreakingly, it is too small for her. But the shorts are fantastic!

Made up from self dyed linen, they are light and breezy and a bit longer in length than her others, making them look a bit smarter.

I made the size 12 with my fingers crossed and thankfully they fit her! I may be the last Oliver and S fan to have made the Sketchbook shorts, and I hang my head in shame. Aren't they wonderful?! My justification is that I have girls so never thought I would need this pattern. However, there have been enough blog posts and posted photographs to convince me that this pattern is a must for girls too.

The linen will never survive a car journey, but at least the wrinkles drop out fairly quickly afterwards. I shall make up some more of these while I can still get her in the pattern.

Lastly, the Butterfly Blouse. So so beautiful but even in a size 12, it is a squeeze for her to get into. It is snug across her chest, so this one is going away for her little sister.

I love the pattern, the peplum across the front is adorable and the flutter sleeves complete the pretty girly look. I actually prefer the capped sleeve option but this is what she wanted and I was happy to make up the pattern regardless.

The finishes on the armholes are what I love most about the construction. The instructions are brilliant as usual and you end up with a really well made top. I will look forward to seeing this again on L when her time comes!


  1. Your O+S clothes are so summery and beautiful! It's a shame about the top, but at least you know its time will come, eventually!

    1. I know! But what a pattern! At least I can use it for L, she thinks it is pretty. Thanks Marisa!

  2. I love these!! That is really sad about the Butterfly Top, I do feel that that pattern runs smaller in size than some other O+S. So glad you finally tried out the Sketchbook pattern! It is so great! Just wait till you start trying different modifications, it only seems to get more fun!

    1. Oh I love the Sketchbooks! I am glad they fit her well, it seems to be harder to find shorts/pants patterns that don't need adjusting as she grows. Thanks Inder!


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