Monday, 11 July 2016

Another crack at the Negroni Shirt

Introducing my well overdue second shirt project for Jay. I stuck with the same pattern as before, the Colette Negroni because I didn't get the first one quite right last time so wanted to redeem myself. I nearly achieved that pledge (until I put the button holes in... more on that later).

I kept the sizing and the adjustments the same as last time, see my post here for a more in-depth look at what I did.

The fabric is a cotton poplin that I ordered from Acorn Fabrics. The weave is nice and tight resulting in a silky smooth fabric. It is the only fabric I have ordered from there so far, but they have a lovely selection of shirtings and I would definitely try them again.

I am happy with the shirt overall and I managed to put the sleeve plackets in the right place this time. Last time I somehow managed to put them further towards the front of the sleeve and it always bugs me whenever he wears his linen one. The fact that he wears his sleeves rolled up 99% of the time is my only saving grace.

To line the collar, the inner cuffs, and the inside of the back yoke, I used up some red linen scraps. This should soften up with repeated washing, making the insides of the shirt nice to wear.

I wanted to put the yoke on a diagonal grain but Jay disliked the idea so I kept it straight and tried to pattern match the lines as much as possible. It was difficult because of the box pleat across the back, that threw everything off. I couldn't match everything up across all the seams but did a pretty good job with the pockets!

I mentioned a niggle with the button holes. See above. I sat down to put them in and didn't even think about the direction I was sewing them in. Why did I put them in horizontally? Why? I don't know. It even gave hubby a moments confusion when he was buttoning them up. To which my reply was 'Hmmmm...' But you don't unpick buttonholes unless you have a day to sacrifice and a LOT of patience. I have neither, so they are staying put.

Navy buttons sourced by Jay off Ebay. He loves buying buttons! Just tell him a quantity, a colour and a size and he will happily browse-click-buy! Sewn on with a red thread to colour match the checks.

I do have a couple of other shirt patterns that I would like to try so next time I will give a different pattern a try. It is still a thumbs up for the Negroni though!