Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Flax Sweater

Pattern: The Flax Sweater by TinCanKnits 

I have a list of knitting projects that I wanted to get done before our trip to Scotland. This included a jumper for each of the girls, plus one for me and I have managed 2 out of 3. So thats good going!

 If you are new to knitting this is the perfect pattern to start with for a top down seamless knit. It is part of The Simple Collection. A collection of 8 knits with the beginner in mind. The various patterns include a hat, scarf, cowl, socks, mittens, a blanket and a cardigan. I have already knitted up the Barley hat and love it.
There are two versions of the Flax sweater; one using a thinner fingering weight yarn and the version I chose which uses aran/worsted yarn. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I have made seamless knits before and always come up against the same problem, which is the underarm join. I get holes! I have searched for the technique to combat this but can't find a clear video, so if anyone knows the answer let me know! I would be so grateful.

This is a lovely cuddly sweater. The merino wool is absolutely divine. I found knitting with it a pleasure and would buy this particular yarn again in a heartbeat. There were no knots or joins in the balls of wool at all and I went through about 6 balls.

The garter stitching on the arms makes it a very squishy knit. The fit is spot on for her at the moment but if I were to make another I would size up so she has growing room.

I like that the pattern knit up so quickly and would love to make one for Boo as it is a good layering piece. 

I have been very busy knitting away recently, and have a few more things to share with you soon. The leaves are turning golden brown and everything is feeling very autumnal now. Which means Christmas is not far away! Eeek!


  1. A trip to Scotland sounds divine! We've been watching Outlander and Shetland and fallen in love with the countryside.

    As for the underarm holes, I pinch that section together and stitch on the inside just as in regular sewing. However I came across a pattern that fills in the holes at the point where you slip the stitches off the waste yarn to complete the sleeves. Here's the instructions from that pattern and can be adapted to any pattern is my guess:
    Put sleeve stitches from holder onto larger
    needles, with RS facing and starting
    from the center of the underarm area,
    pick up and knit 3[3, 3, 4, 4], knit across
    sleeve sts, pick up and knit 3 [3, 3, 4, 4],
    place BOR m. Join for working in the

    Picking up the stitching as opposed to casting on a few eliminated the hole when I did this pattern.

    Your Flax sweater turned out lovely. I've been working on that pattern and hope to complete it soon providing there are no more interruptions.

    1. Thank you so much Deb for taking the time to pass that on! Guess I will have to cast on another and give it a second try!

  2. That does look squishy and cuddly even from all the way over here!

    1. It's the perfect thing for a little girl who loves to be cuddled!


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