Saturday, 12 August 2017

Prepping for School: McCall's 6951

Pattern: McCalls 6951
Views made: B (shirt) and D (shorts)
Fabric used: Chambray for the shirt and twill for the shorts
Size made: 10.5 for both.

Patterns I am always on the hunt for are ones that would pass for school uniform. This McCall's pattern caught my eye as it has 3 pieces that could easily be sewn up in our school grey and white. My daughter pulled her face at the front tie option (which I actually really like - I probably had one when I was younger!) so I promised not to make that view.

This is a size 10.5. The pattern does come in regular whole sizes as well, but the halves fit my girl better. I didn't make any alterations on this one and from assessing it on her, the only thing I will have to do is add length. School shirts have to be tucked in so it would need another 1.5 - 2" to keep it snug in her waistband.

The cap sleeves are finished on the inside with bias binding and sewn down to secure them around the sleeve opening. I sewed one of them down (the left side in the photos) but didn't like how it looked on the right side. It may well be this chambray because it is a looser weave than the shirt fabric will be. As a result I hand stitched the other side and the outcome is much neater. I will go back and take out the stitches on the left side and hand sew those too.

The hemline dips at the back, which looks lovely on her. I want to add as little length as possible really to avoid lots of pooling of fabric at the back when it is tucked in. I will be reluctant to loose that nice curve.

The shorts are view D from the pattern and have sewn up really nicely too. I did insert some elastic in the back waistband for her because it was gaping a little. The elastic serves to keep it snug and she prefers the feel of it.

I used some Mother of Pearl buttons from my never-ending Ebay supply (thank you husband...) and sewed them on by hand seeing as they are varying thicknesses and I thought they might smash under my presser foot.

We both like this pattern a lot as school wear. I have yet to try the trousers and skirt but have the fabric washed and ready to cut. How many weeks is it until September? I'm sure I have plenty of time!


  1. I really like the pattern and especially like the chambray for the blouse. Nicely done and looks great!!

    1. Thanks Deb. I am tempted to get it in the other size range for L. It seems a handy pattern.

  2. Great pieces! I also really like the lower hem in back. It's so nice in that chambray.

    1. Thanks Masha! I am trying to squeeze in some sewing time so I can make her school shirts.

  3. Beautiful fabric - I used this for my Liesl Classic Shirt (not yet blogged). Very sweet little blouse. I agree, it would be a shame to lose that sweet back curve in adding length.

    1. Yes, I am going to have to play around with the pattern pieces a bit before cutting it out. Thanks Inder!


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