Monday, 10 September 2018

Little Knitted Mouse

Hello everyone! So it has been a while since my last project, and that isn't just a blogged project, its any make of any kind. I have been having a short break over the holidays. 

We have had lots of fun camping over the school holidays. We tested our new tent out and I am glad to say, we didn't have any major dramas and we got to see some very beautiful parts of Wales while chilling out with some friends.

Being out and about means that any projects have to be portable. This is where knitting comes into its own. I get to satisfy the creative itch and get away from home for a while.
 I have yet to test whether a sewing machine would run efficiently on a 16 amp electrical hook-up tent pitch...! (I include this link for my future reference and for anybody else how may be interested in testing a campsites electrics.)

As well as a shawl which is taking me forever to knit, I have been casting on this cute little mouse. She is for my bosses new baby girl. Since we didn't know what baby would be, I had a boy mouse on standby as well. He will need to be finished off at some point but this once was finished up once we knew it was pink all the way!

I used a Little Cotton Rabbits pattern. Actually, I used three Little Cotton Rabbits patterns. The Girl Mouse, the Trio of Jumpers, and the Dungarees and Pinafore Dress.

The main body of the mouse is knit using Drops Nepal yarn and the stripy legs, dress and short sleeved jumper is knit from Drops Safran.

She came out rather well. Its been a while since I made up a knitted toy and I thought I have lost my mojo at first. But a few sessions curled up with a cup of tea and my knitting proved to be just the tonic I needed. Practice makes perfect!

I included the little pocket friend, which I thought was just the right touch. My nan used to make me knitted toys when I was younger. I have a family of Scarecrows all handknit by her, which I cherish. The best part of them are all the little extras that you have to hunt to find. A caterpillar/robin on the shoulder, or a basket of mushrooms in Nanny Scarecrows hand were as a child, just magical. 

I tacked everything down and didn't include any buttons just for safety. 

Now the gift has been received I can share her with you. I think I may have to finish off the other mouse for L. She was quite enamored of this one!


  1. She is officially the cutest thing on the planet!!!! The little pocket with the little toy! I'm dying of cute.

    1. Thank you Inder! My nan used to make each new baby/grandchild a knitted mouse. It feels like I am carrying on the tradition with this one.

  2. As the very lucky recipients of a number of your knitted babies I can account to the quality. You are extremely talented and ALL of them will be going into my glory box for grandchildren once Trixie reaches her grown up years.

    1. I hope they last that long! Thank you Nicole. I am getting the hang of mice now.... ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Marisa! I haven't been very productive recently but a little knitting project is a good start.


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