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Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak

Pattern: Closet Case Patterns -  Kelly Anorak
Fabric: Primrose Yellow Ripstop from the fabric bin at Abakhan Fabrics
Size made: 16
Modifications: used the lining expansion pack

I badly needed to replace my raincoat. I made myself a parka style raincoat from an issue of Ottobre Design about 5 years ago and while my stitching has held firm (hurrah!), my zip broke about 8 months ago and a pen leaked in the pocket leaving a stain. Fair to say, it needed to go!

As you will gather from my original post, I had a hell of a time sewing it. Ottobre aren't known for their in-depth, crystal clear instructions and while the designs are good, the execution can be stressful. I love the style of the Kelly Anorak and having recently sewn up the Clare Coat, I knew there would be much better hand-holding along the way.

I chose to line this coat. One thing I wished I had done on my last one was line the sleeves because Spring sunshine can be pretty weak over here and I always felt a little bit chilly.
The lining expansion pack is purchased separately and comes with a fresh set of instructions for making the coat with lining. Not all the pieces from original list are required so you have to use the new list for the whole coat.

I made sure that I was fully prepped for sewing this up. I used my pressing cloth because I didn't want the ripstop fabric to melt. I also spent a morning making my own tailors ham and tailors sausage so that I would be able to press those seams out properly. (To be fair, I should have done this several projects ago, I found myself with enough time to do it for this one!)

I found the free patterns for the tailors ham/sausage on the Tilly and the Buttons website. Here if you are interested. They didn't take long to make up. Instructions state to stuff with sawdust but I used a huge bag of scrap baby yarn that my mum had given me and packed it in really tightly.

The pockets are really big and roomy thanks to the bellow style gusseted pocket. The flap is entirely for decoration but adds a nice touch. I spent way too long trying to fit those snaps on. They are good quality Prym snaps but I butchered a handful in my attempts to bang them in. I got the pocket ones in, also the two on the hood facing, but one of those won't snap. I didn't want to go to the effort of making a new coat only to ruin it by botching my fastenings. So I ordered some brass looking plastic ones from the KAM UK website because I have one of their snap setting tools and it has always worked in the past.

So the ones you see running down the front of the coat are the plastic ones. They all went on in a matter of minutes and saved my sanity. (I had to wait until I came back off holiday to apply those so in some photos, they are missing)

I wanted a navy lining to the coat as I see a lot of yellow and navy coats around at the moment and love the colour combo. I wasn't sure I would pull off yellow, but I have ended up really loving it. There is no missing me in a crowd now!

The sleeves are long enough to roll back the cuffs and I find that I like the look of the lining showing at the wrist so have been wearing it like that.

I added a hanging loop using grosgrain ribbon.

Overall it is a good length and the hood is roomy. The pleated seam on the back is a nice detail and looks good with the drawstring casing. I like that the back view wasn't forgotten and has some interesting details to balance nicely with the front.

Apart from the initial tracing out of a zillion pieces, I have grown to love making coats. There is something very satisfying about the finished article. Also, every coat I have ever sewn has been worn to death. Whether it was for myself or the girls, they have always been worth making.

To summarize, I would definitely make this coat again. I would like to have the other view (minus the hood) in a kahki green twill with a bit more thermal lining for cooler days. Consider it on my sewing list!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is amazing!
    I eyed off this pattern for Zara but was utterly terrified at the complexity of it, bravo!
    Aren't snaps the devil, I have no idea how many I ruined before I purchased the little pink tool set from the O+S website. It works! (But they are tiny baby one)

    1. Honestly, it wasn't that difficult and if I can do it, you will have zero issues.
      I enjoyed the process a heck of a lot more than the last one!

  2. You did a lovely job - it looks RTW! I love the yellow and the lining you chose. I couldn't tell that the snaps were plastic at all. Very nicely done!

    1. Thank you! I would happily make this again and although snaps and I are mortal enemies, I can safely say that the plastic ones are no trouble at all.

  3. Woooooowsa!! This is gorgeous! I love the yellow and blue dots in combination, and your sewing is just pristine. I have this pattern, but I'm super intimidated! Also, I totally hate snaps. That's part of the reason I'm intimidated, I've never had success with them.

  4. Get yourself a proper hardcore snap-setter and you will never look back! I will admit that I had the sewing fury while trying to hammer those pesky little things in, but it was worth it. I love the coat. It is easy to wear and you should totally give it a go!


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